The Top 10 Website planning criteria

Successful website planning is as much an art as it is a science. Talk to any web design veteran and you'll have a gay old time listening to stories about the world of web design. Talk to most website business customers and you'll hear how unhappy they are with there web designers.  We've listened to all kinds of business customers and there's one common thread.  Successful websites start with a great plan involving the customer as much or more than the design firm.  We've compiled a list of the top ten items you need to review with your web design firm:

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Drupal Database Development

Most information that you see displayed on a Drupal site, other than images and files, lives in the Drupal database.  Drupal code is executed by the webserver which requests whatever information it needs from the database.  When Developing Drupal custom modules, you will write many database queries: reading, writing, modifying, and deleting data in the Database.  When you do this, it is easy to accidentally write bad queries.  These bad queries can be the source of painfully slow website response times, and in some cases, site outages.  The way to avoid this very common problem is to employ

WCAG 2.0 requirements

If you're planning a new website, here’s something you want to think about: WCAG 2.0: Accessibility.  Designing your site in a way that is accessible to all persons or varying abilities.  It’s not that hard to do, if you plan it upfront, but it’s a pain as an afterthought.  I’ve been dealing with it a lot lately and thought I'd share.

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Drupal Run Book

Drupal in a High Availability Environment:

We wrote a book on taking care of Drupal within really big business, where many Databases communicate with the Drupal Database.  Many services interact securely with the Drupal Database.  E-commerce style transactions require High Availability.  Our only advice in writing your own Run Book is: Do it!  If you're running Drupal in a big business, you must have a Drupal Web App Run Book.

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MySQL Replication from Production to staging to development

We've recently gone through a project with some clients whose Drupal Database was very large.  Once your Drupal database gets big, there are some typical problems that you'll encounter.  Most of the problems center around copying the Production instance on your database.  Depending on the size, making a copy can take hours, even days.  The way to remove these costly obstacles is to implement a set of chained slaves through database replication. 

High Performance MySQL

Lately we've been doing a great deal of work helping larger Drupal sites get to a place where there Database is High Performance. It's one of the harder tasks we've taken on in our quest to be the all around Drupal shop. There's a great deal to it. We've decided to chronicle our journey. Stay tuned for an article every Friday.

Robbie Jackson

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Drupal Programmer

 So you're looking for a Drupal Programmer? Someone to take charge of your new website? Someone with all the core skills needed to collect requirements, plan, design, execute, optimize, and market your Drupal website? While it's more likely to find an organization like to have all the skills needed, it is possible to find someone who has the right stuff.   Here's what you need in your Drupal Programmer and why:

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HarperCollins world wide Drupal project

Recently, we architected the plan for HarperCollins migrating their custom microsoft based site to Drupal.  Our job was to consult on all things Drupal related:  understand the web-based needs of HarperCollins, map the relevant SQL server data, extract the stored procedures, integrate with their existing business systems and user interfaces, liase with internal security and network teams regarding the data communication inside and out of the firewall, work in future potential requirements, come up with the plan, and train the team in India on how to get it done.  It's proof positive that Drupal can take you places beyond your wildest dreams in your career.

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Drupal video design variables -- The questions you need answered when building your Drupal video site.

Making decisions about how to present Drupal Video content is complex.  There are so many things to consider.  Technology is changing quickly in this space too, making video an even tougher topic to tackle.  Big complex tasks are made easy broken down into their component parts.  This old engineering principle is as true today where web video design is concerned as it was when the Pharaohs built the pyrimads.  This blog will highlight the key decision making variables you need to consider and ultimate

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Drupalcon Toronto - Dries has a sense of humour!

Dries Buytaert, Robbie Jackson, Geoff Crouse, Hiep Phuong

From Left to Right: Geoff Crouse, Dries Buytaert, Hiep Phuong, Robbie Jackson

DrupalCon Toronto was amazing experience this year -- Oct. 15th, and 16th, 2010.  The highlight was Dries,  of course. 

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