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Recently, we architected the plan for HarperCollins migrating their custom microsoft based site to Drupal.  Our job was to consult on all things Drupal related:  understand the web-based needs of HarperCollins, map the relevant SQL server data, extract the stored procedures, integrate with their existing business systems and user interfaces, liase with internal security and network teams regarding the data communication inside and out of the firewall, work in future potential requirements, come up with the plan, and train the team in India on how to get it done.  It's proof positive that Drupal can take you places beyond your wildest dreams in your career.



Drupal Early Mornings Vegetarian Pizza
This is what you look like at 5:30 going through customs at Pearson on your way to the first day of the Harper-Collins mission. You can smile after you've found out that the other guys on the project are cool while eating vegitarian pizza in Jersey City. The only American born member of the team.  My new Indian friends called him Rahooolf.  Everyone had to have an Indian name.  Mine was Ravindra, or Ravi which sounds like Robbie.  How can you not love guys with that kind of good humour?  My Sikh buddy from Brampton Ontario.  Some people make a project heaven and some make it hell.  Dave made it heaven.  If you need a project manager let me know and I'll hook you up with Dave, but be prepared.  He doesn't come cheap.
Worst looking ID badge I've ever had
This is officially the worst ID badge picture I've ever taken in my entire life.  The lady who took the picture was kind, and welcoming.  The picture:  Yikes.  Not my new facebook shot.
Le Pain was my favourite lunch spot.  Great prices.  Amazing food.  Incredible atmosphere.  Communal tables.  Awesome!  If ever you're near HarperCollins head office in NY, you need to go to Le Pain


Deep in thought
Deep is Deep in thought on one of our many many conference calls.  Deep is the one who nicknamed the non-Indians on the team.  He also believed that all good things in the world could be traced back to the centre of the universe: India.  The first day smile. No project could be complete without a shot of a white board in a great big glass-walled room, with a hedgehog on the coffee table.  If you go to New York and don't visit Times Square, there's gotta be something wrong with you.  Can you spot James Dean in this picture?
Drupal Ikea  Drupal big rat    
 This is the unimpressed look you get when you take the milk run from Newark to Penn Station NJ instead of the express train to Penn Station NY, trying to save $4.50 US.  3.5 hours late on the second leg of the project.  Not good! Where else but New York can you find a great big marketing blow-up rat promoting something or other.   After all, we spoke english the whole time.  At least we could show a little respect by doing our internal late night meetings in the most common team language.  Nestled into all those modern NY buildings, right outside my office window was a beautiful cathedral: St. Patricks.  Nice to see.


Deep and I in front of HarperCollins head office.

The view from Rahul's New Jersey apartment on a night we received our first praise from HarperCollins Execs. 

Of course we ate our favourite food:  Chinese/Thai/Indian food, while telling our battle stories.  We topped the evening off with some Russel Peters.  How could you plan it any better than good food, new friends, and good laughs into the wee hours of the night.



Drupal Logo Tops Times Square

Of Course we couldn't leave until we climbed Times Square and installed the Drupal logo at the very top 

When it was all said and done, HarperCollins had their plan to move to the better world of Drupal and I went home to my lovely Great White North, Canada. 

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