One way that we consider sustainability is through Web hosting. When possible, we will host a client's site with a Web hosting company that utilizes "green" power and employs sustainability practices.

Our company utilizes electronic technologies for communication and production, and encourages our subcontractors to do so, as well. We hold weekly meetings with team members (inhouse employees and subcontractors) via Skype or other teleconferencing application, and conduct client business through electronic means as often as is possible. When project requirements necessitate in-person visits, we consider and use energy efficient means of transportation as available and practical.

For projects that require on-site performance, such as videography, carpooling is utilized. Vehicle selection has been made with energy efficiency in mind.

Carbon offsets are purchase only when carbon reducing measures are not practical (for example, in transporting video equipment to/from locations, or for air travel).

Because our Web deliverables are electronic, land shipping is not applicable. We make good use of PDF for project documents, such as contracts. And, the company uses electronic payment means (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card, etc.) for accounts payable and receivable.

We rely upon an unoffical environmental policy. We encourage all members of our team (personnel and subcontractors) to be good environmental stewards and share with the team ways of doing so. Moreover, we seek in subcontractors people who share our commitment toward sustainability and stewardship.

Our team members (inhouse and subcontractors) are committed to practicing resource efficiency. We do so by reducing consumables, reusing material goods and/or freecyling, and recycling materials, where the opportunities exist.

For example: Our team members purchase energy-saving equipment (energy-star, as available); rehabilitate equipment whenever possible, rather than buy new equipment; make use of power management devices that help to reduce vampire power draw.

We encourage team members to adopt sustainability personal habits such as using reusable water bottles, coffee cups, and food ware. Because most of our team members work from home a office, we are well able to practice these measures.

Client sites hosted with "green" Web hosts, often bear a banner noting that.